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Spirito diVino Awards 2014

Ideal Drinks from IDEALDRINKS

Two wines produced at Colinas de São Lourenço in Bairrada by IDEALDRINKS reap awards in the Spirito diVino Awards 2014.

WORDS: Anna McNay|PHOTO: IdealDrinks| 15 December 2014

Ideal Drinks from IDEALDRINKS

‘We have been seduced!’

IN ITS JUNE-JULY 2014 issue, dedicated to some of the best rosé wines around the world, the renowned magazine Spirito diVino awarded first place to PRINCIPAL Rosé Tête de Cuvée 2012 – a wine produced at Colinas de São Lourenço in Bairrada by IDEALDRINKS.

The tasting panel, led by expert Pierluigi Gorgoni (journalist, lecturer of oenology and head of tasting at Spirito diVino), selected rosé wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile, and out of them all, PRINCIPAL Rosé Tête de Cuvée 2012 came top.  

A single variety Pinot Noir, PRINCIPAL Rosé Tête de Cuvée epitomises the quality that IDEALDRINKS seeks to achieve. Spirito diVino’s editor-in-chief, Franz Botré, describes it as ‘an exceptional wine’. Highlighting the fact that very few rosé wines are 100% Pinot Noir because of all the implications this brings in terms of harvest costs, maintenance of vines and work in the cellar during the production processes, he believes this wine will certainly have longevity. In his editorial, he also notes that the wine's soft tannins and fresh acidity bring out the sweet-sour flavours, spices and herbs in oriental cuisine.

PRINCIPAL Rosé Tête de Cuvée 2012 scored 91 points in the ranking and it is described by the panel of experts as a rosé produced with Pinot Noir grapes in the very heart of Portugal, Bairrada, although it ‘reveals a sort of marine atmosphere. Acid red berries (wild strawberries, redcurrants, raspberries) and citrus rind. In the mouth, it shows a constant pulse, decisive, guided by a fresh acidity, with potential to express a tasty and mineral persistency’.

Gorgoni further remarks that the range of PRINCIPAL wines from the estate Colinas de São Lourenço is full of meaning with ‘labels loaded with symbolism and bottles filled with the best wine the cellar makes.’ Of the latest winner he adds: ‘A Pinot Noir must, with sublime harmony, delicate but deep, one of the greatest rosé wines I have ever tasted.’

The 2010 version already dominated the tasting Spirito diVino held for international rosés in 2012 (being placed at no. 51).

Also in first place in the 2014 competition, with 90 points in the sparkling wines group, was another wine produced at Colinas de São Lourenço – Brut Rosé 2009. This is a rosé blend made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, which Gorgoni describes as having ‘an intense colour with highlights of salmon and copper, and a complex range of aromas that immediately unfold. Red berries, peach, toasted almond, softly mineral. Extremely fine and mild bubbles, of a rich and juicy persistency. We have been seduced!’

Carlos Dias, chairman of the IDEALTOWER group, IDEALDRINKS's parent company, was overjoyed by the accolades which he sees as acknowledgement of all the hard work that Colinas de São Lourenço have put in to create wines of outstanding quality. ‘The fact that we are up there with the best rosé wines in the world justifies and reinforces the investment that we have made in this region of Bairrada, and its potential,’ he says. ‘This distinction inspires us to produce the best wines we possibly can, and keep on surprising our customers.’